It came from Venus!


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How to play It came from Venus!

An alien Venus Fly Trap plant lands in a farmer’s backyard bringing to the screen a non-progressive 5 reel, $12,500 jackpot slot with 30 win lines to play out your cash. High paying scatter symbols, wilds, free spins, win gamble double up, and a lucky bonus round all feature in this entertaining BetSoft creation.  

Feel the Love for a Venus Fly Plant

A farmer gets a surprise visitor from outer space that arrives on his farm uninvited, but the farmer soon discovers his new friend, a giant Venus Fly Trap Plant, is entertaining and grows attached yet only to be pestered by the military who want the farmer’s new mate to themselves.   

Getting the money into the action is easy with 5 coins allowed on a line with each coin valued at a maximum of $1.00 giving a top figure of $5 on any pay-line and with over 30 to spread your money across they fire out a massive $150 per spin bet. The minimum coin, line, or spin bet starts at $0.02 giving players a cool $0.60 budget spin when betting 1 coin at the value $2 across all 30 lines.

The bets come with a whole host of symbols to make it easy to land a win with 9 of them, plus there are scatters, wilds, and a set of stacked free spin bonus icons. The jackpot symbol is the grinning Venus Plant dishing out a maximum 2500 coin multiplier with all symbols payout for a minimum of 3 on a pay-line. Adding to the collection of symbol wins is a double up gamble when the farmer attempts to throw his friend some tucker.

Players will enjoy this game thoroughly and some may even fall for the cute Venus Fly Trap plant when they start getting paid out fortunes when you see his head pop out of the Military box in the bonus round.


Scatters pay out cash in this game and land regularly on the screen. Get 3, 4, or 5 and get returns of x450, x750, and x1500 multipliers. They can be anywhere on the screen on any line even when the line hasn’t been staked the scatter will still count.

The Bonus Round

The farmer loves his plant companion, so when the army takes his plant away he needs your help to get it back in one piece. Helping the farmer means choosing the correct “Top Secret” box to find his beloved green friend and get paid out.


Random wilds jump into combinations all over the screen and extend their set by one symbol, so players get a higher multiplier paid out plus the wild win then multiplies the pay packet by x2, x3, x5, or even x10. Wilds also complete 2 symbols into 3 symbols on all 9 icons in the game.

Double Up

Players bet on catch or drop when the farmer throws food for the Venus Plant to eat, and if he catches it then player’s wins are doubled. Players can keep this up either until they lose their cash or opt to cash out.

Free Spins

3 food sacks will spin players into a free spins round where one of the symbols becomes a sticky wild and stays in the position throughout the free spins session.

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Maximum Coins Jackpot12,500
Wild SymbolYes
Scatter SymbolYes
Free SpinsYes
Bonus GameYes
Maximum Jackpot$12,500
Maximum Coins150.00
Betting Range$0.02-$150.00
Coin Bet Range$0.02-$1.00
Coins Per Line5.00

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