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How to play Poker Twist

This is a game of 5 card draw poker where players can wager which poker hand will be dealt, but this game also has an added twist. Players do not get paid if they didn’t wager the poker hand section, however there are plenty of other betting options surrounding the poker hands that will get those who are a stifle for probability counting out the odds of probability.

Betting on Poker Hands

Players make a single bet hoping that the hand will be a pair of Jacks or better. The larger payouts come when players are dealt hands higher up the value of poker hands chart and by getting a straight flush you could be walking away with x1000 your bet.

First and Last Card Higher or Lower

Bet whether the first card is going to be either higher than the last card or lower than the last card dealt. To stake this bet the green back ground and highlighted bold white writing is where players should place their bet amount.

JQK Green Section

Bet on how many picture cards are in the hand, so Jacks, Queens or Kings. Selecting “none” or “one” is usually a good strategy to keep your bankroll flowing as they pay out at x3.75 or x2.3 your bet respectively. This is worth regular bets as the odds stand at 40 cards Vs 12 picture cards.

Betting on the number of Black or Red Cards in the hand

Black cards are made up of clubs and spades while red cards are hearts and diamonds. The name of the game is to lay down bets on how many will arrive in your hand.

None pays x36 times your bet

1 card pays x6.5 times your bet

2 cards pays x3.0 times your bet

3 cards pays x3.0 times your bet

4 cards pays x6.5 times your bet

5 cards pays x36 times your bet


Betting on the number of suits in the deal

Players bet on how many suits will come out in the deal for example, if you bet there will be 2 hearts in the 5 card hand and only 2 hearts appear then players paid out.

None pays x4.4 times your bet

1 card pays x2.3 times your bet

2 cards pays x3.5 times your bet

3 cards pays x12 times your bet

4 cards pays x90 times your bet

5 cards pays x1950 times your bet

This game definitely has a poker twist to it and is unusual in comparison to many of the other poker slots games on offer. The betting options are not unique concepts, but they have really spiced up the game by being combined to give players some brain twisting strategically thought out plays. All on all an unexpectedly brilliant game to play that makes a change to the norm. 

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