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How to play Quick Bet Golf

Golfers will absolutely fall in love with this game and even if you don’t follow golf this game has enough odds to keep you busy every time you fancy a quick punt. Water hazards, out of bounds, hole in ones to eagles, this quick round of golf has it all.

Players begin by selecting their golfers to get the odds going. Each golfer has a skill level and by matching equally talented ones, then the odds will be squarer. The game tees off on holes 16, 17, and 18 where the golfers play it out across the fairway. In the end punters will be shouting at the screen egging on their bets as all kinds of wild hits occur during the game.

Players can bet in 7 dominations of their currency, 0.10, 0.25, 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00 or 100.00 coins wagered around the betting board with 4 categories to choose from. Each of these contains features and scores of the game of golf such as birdie or Hole 17 win, under, over, sand, water, and so on. Players need to wave the mouse over the golf attribute they want to wager and the “Returns” box in the bottom middle part of the screen displays to players the odds paid if the bet made on that feature.

Playoff Winner

Players can lay money down on which golfer will win or tie the 3 hole playoff match.

Hole Betting

You can simply wager an amount on who will win or tie the hole itself. The hole winner is basically decided  by whoever putts the ball in the lowest amount of shots scored using the golf system of hole in one, eagle, birdie, one under, par and so on. 

Overall Score

After the players have thrashed it out over 3 holes their overall golf score is given on a scoring card and players can make wagers on the golfer’s final score. To work this outAbove each hole on the right hand side of the screen the “par” number for each hole is the limit on the number of times the player has to put their ball.


Specials add a bit of novelty to the game where players can bet on something amazing happening or bet on a hazard getting in the way. Sand, water and out of bounds make up for the hazards and the eagle as well as hole in one make up for the something amazing. All these features dish out healthy odds that are worth maybe a smaller stake each go.

The more punters play on quick bet golf the more they’ll work out a sound betting strategy and which players match up to give out the better odds. Plus experience on the greens is always a golfers most notable advantage, so regulars will get to know which holes are likely to pull out a hazard or something special.

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