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How to play Joker Poker

Joker Poker, yet another popular addition to casino floors, is basically a five card draw game with the Joker as a wild card increasing the value of payouts when it is in a player’s hand. In addition to this, players can gamble their wins at 2-1 or 4-1 odds.

Players get dealt 5 cards and then decide the cards they want to hold out of the five. Once the player has held the cards he/she wants to keep, the player selects to deal. The cards not held are swapped for new cards.

For the result, all 5 cards play, so if the total hand value is a pair of Kings or better then players are paid out a set of odds for that hand. After this, there is an opportunity to increase the winning amount through the gamble feature.

Easy Betting

The stake per coin is the amount of money players want each one of their coins to be worth. Then players can bet between 1 and 5 coins. Each time a player bets a higher number of coins then the hands payout multiplier increases in the pay table displayed on the screen.

The Joker Wild Card

Landing a joker means incomplete hands can be completed or extended. Players landing four of a kind and a joker stand to get between a x400 or x4000 multiplier on their bet depending on how many coins players bet.

The Gamble Feature

After a win players can select the green gamble button. Players will be presented with a screen that on the left offers a 2-1 gamble on your winnings by offering the choice of betting whether the next card out of the deck is red or black.

The second option on the right gives improved odds of 4-1. Players can guess if the next card is a diamond, spade, club, or heart.

Players can gamble as many times as they please and each time they successfully guess the correct card players also have the option to bank 50% of their current winnings and continue gambling.

All in all

Players should find a good strategy to get paid big on this game. Catching a flush after holding 4 hearts, for example gives 47 cards in which there are 9 more hearts to a flush, giving odds of around 21% to complete the hand. If this happens 4 times, then the fifth time the flush should pay out.

This means by betting one coin you will have been paid back for your bets, but if you bet 2 coins or more, then the amount paid out according the odds increases considerably.

Outs are easy to work out when you find cards you want to hold. On top of this, cards not being held also increase the odds slightly as they may pair up KK or AA during the new deal.

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