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How to play Virtual Racebook 3D

Virtual Racebook 3D has added itself to the many popular horse racing games found in casinos around the world. When the races are closed for the day and punters still have an urge to wager a horse on the flat races then this is the place to come.

There are 5 betting options on this game with jockeys and odds all to boot. Players can also find out the latest information on each horse on jockey using the i button or by going to the bet form tab, which both show race history from the horses last 5 outings, jockey stats and the horses speed rating.

When players have made their bets then the camera action begins where punters can cheer their horse in 3D graphics running around to the finish line.


Place a standard bet on the horse coming first in the race to get paid out the odds matched with that horse and jockey.


A show is the same as betting “Each Way”, which is in essence a bet on the horse winning first, second or first where the punter will get paid out each way or show odds on the horse coming in one of these positions. The odds of a show are different to any of the other options as punters have more chance of the horse finishing in one of these positions.


Players basically bet in the reverse to a single bet by laying their money down on the favorite, more often than not, to lose the race or at least you are betting on the horse not to win the race or come second or third. This has become an extremely popular betting option for many horse racing fanatics and tipsters have started to also make reverse predictions giving punters some nice information on which favorites they believe will not win.


Players forecast which horse they believe will finish first and which horse they think will finish second.


By selecting this option and getting it right the odds paid back are massive. Basically the idea is almost the same as an each way where you bet first, second or third, except in this instance you have to predict which 3 and the order of the 3 horses that finish in these positions.

Once all the bets have been laid then punters must “Add to Bet Slip”. To view all bets before beginning the race the “Bet Slip” tab can be used to double check your wagers. Once all is confirmed then the “Begin Race” button is selected and the virtual 3D race kicks in. 

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