Five Card Draw Poker


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How to play Five Card Draw Poker

Online poker rooms and casinos are hosting 5 card draw games everywhere as it climbs back to being once again, a popular poker style. Video poker is already proclaimned to be one of Red7 casino’s most popular sections.

5 Card Draw

The famous game deals 5 cards straight out of the deck and then players can choose which cards they want to keep by pressing the hold button that corressponds to the card you want to keep. The deal button is then pressed once more and the cards that weren’t held will change. This represents your hand, which is paid out for landing a pair of Jack’s or higher.

5 Hands in One Bet

Betting is spread across 5 separate hands. After making a wager players press the deal button to see the first 5 cards of just one hand. Players hold the cards exactly as explained above, then press the “deal” button.

The cards the player held on the hand are then used for all 5 hands dealt. Out of this, all 5 hands that make a pair of Jacks or above will pay according to the pay table betting odds.

Payout and Betting

The value of each bet can be increased from low stakes of $0.02 up to higher amounts of $0.50, $1.00 going into a maximum of $5. The players once again press the “Bet one” button. This button can be slelected 5 times to make up to a maximum of 25 bets. The incremetns go up by 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 bets.

Using the Bet 1 Button

Using the “bet one” button to increase the betting in increments of 5 increases the multiplier value if you hit a winning hand. Each of the five increments basically represents the value selected as the wager. For example, if $5 is your stake amount on each coin, by pressing bet 1 one 5 times would mean the bet would go up to 5 coins or in effect $25. This is simply $5 spread across 5 hands meaning $1 is bet per hand. When a hand makes a pair of Jacks or higher, then the odds for $1 will be paid out, so 2-1 would mean $2 plus the $1 bet returned.

Betting the Max

By continuing to press the bet 1 button players can increase the value of the bet on each of the 5 hands dealt. The maximum bet by pressing “bet one” 5 times means 25 bets are spread across the cards and the payout table multiplier is at its highest. 

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