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How to play Roulette 2D

Roulette is a fantastically fun game and in this 2-D version it means that almost any device will be able to handle this game as the graphics are very simple and the gameplay just as fun. Roulette is often classed as a high roller game where money is bet and won or lost. This can put people off playing this type of game as it is more down to luck and chance rather than skill and strategy. This is completely wrong as there are odds that need to be calculated and also if you try the free version of this game you will instantly be hooked on this fastand easygameplay. You can bet from $0.10 to $19,000 so this is a game that is suitable for everyone. The jackpot here can bring in a staggering $190,000 if you play your odds right.

Turbo betting, odds and evens, and betting amounts

What is exciting about this game is you have a range of chips that you can use. They range from $0.10 to $100 which will allow you to bet small or large amounts depending on the tactic you are using. A lot of players will use the even or 2-to-1 stakes on this game because it gives you the best chance of winning. By all means if you have pockets as deep as a member of the Arab Royal family then please feel free to bet as much as you like.

There is the all favourite neighbour’sbet here which allows a player to place one single chip and bet on five individual numbers therefore increasing your chances of winning. A popular part of the game is also when betting on first, second, and the third set of 12 numbers that can also be played. Here you get odds of 2 to 1 making this a very attractive bet.

Other features of this roulette casino game

There is also the popular turbobet which speeds up the game and also uses less graphics. You can also use the auto bets button which will allow you to put 1 to 25 bets on at once and run consecutively.

You are also allowed to put a variety of stakes on at once to spread your chances of winning. This makes the game more exciting and because you are able to bet lower stakes and gradually build up your winnings this helps players gain confidence to hit those big wins.

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