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How to play Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette is yet another Barcrest invention with an added incentive topping all the roulette games out there. Roulette is a tough enough game, but with the right strategy and a helping hand the game gets more interesting. Players have “0”, “00” and “000” to contemplate in this game plus an added “Bonus” where players can spin in up to 120,000x their stake.

Table Betting Limits

The minimum bet is $1.00 and this is the minimum chip size to start the game and the maximum bet is $1000.00 a spin.

Bonus Spins

If the ball lands in the yellow B on the wheel, there will be 3 additional bonus spins. Instead of the wheel spinning around again 3 blue lines start to spin around the wheel each of them stopping on a number. When this action starts players bets will remain frozen until each bonus spin has been decided and if any of the players inside or outside bets match any of the bonus spin indicators, the player will be paid out as if it was a normal in game spin. The lines can also stop on the same number, so if you wagered 29 and all three lines hit 29 then you would win the straight bet payout of 35-1 three times over effectively giving 105-1.

Also, to win from the bonus free spins there is no need to wager the bonus yellow on the Roulette table because the bonus spins are free to any player, but you do need to wager the bonus if you want a stab at the 120,000x multiplier jackpot.

Wagering the Bonus Yellow

Even though there is no need to wager the bonus yellow free spins to win from the bonus spin lines, you can still wager them in a bid for the amazing 120,000x your bet Triple Bonus Spin Roulette jackpot.

If the ball lands on the bonus spot players will receive an instant x12 bonus and then the three bonus ball lines will start to spin. If one of these lines hits the bonus then the players 12x multiplier increase to x120, and if two of the bonus lines hit the bonus then the multiplier will be 1200x. The jackpot is if all 3 bonus ball spin lines land on the bonus spot giving players a whopping 120,000x their stake.

To win these payouts players must have put a stake on the bonus yellow on the roulette play board.

Other way to win the Bonus Yellow

Players can also stake a split bet with one of the “0”, “00” or “000”. There are also trio bets and quad bets between these spots on the board. If the bonus ball lands and the bonus lines also land one, two or three times then there are another set of bonus payouts that reach between 60-1 and 6000-1 payouts.


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